Ossory Show Results and pictures

CLASS 166 The Irish Shows Association & Swinford Show Society Present

CLASS 166 The Irish Shows Association & Swinford Show Society Present

The All Ireland Female Bantam Chicken Championship Final


CLASS 167 True Bantam – Any Variety Male or Female

1st David Fennelly; 2nd Bridget Delahunty Cullohill; 3rd Maude Claxton

CLASS 168 Soft Feather Heavy Bantham – Any Variety Male or Female

1st Robert Stanley 2nd Robert Stanley 3rd Robert Stanley

CLASS 169 Soft Feather Light Bantham – Any Variety Male or Female

No Entries

CLASS 170 Hard Feather Bantham – Any Variety Male or Female

Reserve Champion, 1st Susan Fitzpatrick 2nd Robert Stanley 3rd Robert Stanley

CLASS 171 Soft Feather Heavy Large Fowl – Any Variety Male or Female

1st Owen Dowling, Camross; 2nd Maud Claxton;

CLASS 172 Soft Feather Light Large Fowl – Any Variety Male or Female

1st Shane Dowling 2nd David Hennessy 3rd Maud Claxton

CLASS 173 Water Fowl Any – Variety Male or Female

1st Show Champion Derek Bailey 2nd Derek Bailey

CLASS 174 Pair of laying Hens

1st Maud Claxton

CLASS 175 Two Pullets for winter laying hatched

1st Derek Bailey

CLASS 176 Cock any breed

1st Shane Dowling 2nd Owen Dowling 3rd David Hennessy

CLASS 177 Goose or Gander No Entry

CLASS 178 Pair Goslings any variety No Entry

CLASS 179 Best Pet Bird any breed No Entry


CLASS 180 Best Hen Eggs

1st Shiela Murray 2nd Shiela Egan 3rd Phylis Foot

CLASS 181 Best Duck Eggs

1st Shiela Murray 2nd Robert Stanley 3rd Oliver Flangan

CLASS 182 Brown Bread

1st B Moore 2nd Caroline Dennis 3rd Lilly Sheeran

CLASS 183 White Bread made with ordinary flour

1st Iris Allen 2nd Anna Delaney, Coole, Kilbricken 3rd Shiela Murray

CLASS 184 Light Fruit Cake


In Memory Of The Late Rene Kennedy

1st Clare Bergin, Knockardgannon, Errill 2nd Rosarie Maher 3rd Iris Allen Ballaghmore.

CLASS 185 Biscuit Cake

1st Debbie Murray, Ashfield 2nd Iris Allen 3rd Margaret Ryan.

CLASS 186 6 Muffins of Choice

1st B Moore 2nd Ailish Carrigan 3rd Emma Finlay

CLASS 187 6 Chocolate Muffins

1st Iris Allen 2nd Emma Finlay 3rd Ailish Carrigan

CLASS 188 Rich Fruit Cake not exceeding 10” square or 11” round

1st Shiela Murray 2nd Ailish Carrigan

CLASS 189 Boiled Fruit Cake

1st Shiela Murray 2nd Iris Allen 3rd Clare Bergin

CLASS 190 Sponge Cake Jam Filling

1st Iris Allen 2nd Mary Ging, Ballyclider 3rd Iris Allen

CLASS 191 Ginger Slab

1st Jackie McBryde 2nd Jackie Mc Bride 3rd Sheila Murray

CLASS 192 Jam Roll

1st Heather Bailey

2nd Shiela Maher

CLASS 193 Apple Tart made from short crust pastry

1st Margaret Ryan 2nd Ailish Carrigan 3rd Shiela Murray

CLASS 194 Rhubarb Tart made from short crust pastry

1st Shiela Murray 2nd Ailish Carrigan 3rd Rosarie Maher

CLASS 195 6 Cup Cakes

1st Victoria Dobbyn 2nd B. Moore, Johnswell Road, Kilkenny 3rd Rosarie Maher

CLASS 196 6 Fruit Scones.

1st Ailish Carrigan 2nd Heather Bailey 3rd Emma Finlay

CLASS 197 Six White Scones

1st Caroline Dennis 2nd Ailish Carrigan 3rd Maureen Dobbyn

CLASS 198 Six Mince Pies

1st Mary Ging 2nd Iris Allen 3rd Iris Allen

CLASS 199 Six Plain Queen Cakes

1st Ailish Carrigan 2nd Mary Ging 3rd Rosarie Maher

CLASS 200 Six Decorated Queen Cakes

1st Harriet Moore 2nd Jennifer Moylan 3rd Mary Ging

CLASS 201 Carrot cake

1st Clare Dobbyn 2nd Iris Allen 3rd Jackie McBryde

CLASS 202 Banana Bread 1st Sharon McBryde 2nd Iris Allen

CLASS 203 Tea Brack (Cherries Optional)

1st Margaret Butler 2nd Caroline Dennis 3rd Iris Allen



Qualified to Tullamore Show. 3 entries, due to high standard and high number of entries.

Rosarie Maher, Kylemore, Templemore. Vera Savage, Friars Hill, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny Iris Allen, Ballaghmore, Borris-in-Ossory.


CLASS 205 1lb Rasberry Jam

1st Kathleen Gorman, Granstown 2nd Kathleen Gorman, 3rd B. Moore, Kilkenny

CLASS 206 1lb Blackcurrant Jam

1st Shiela Murray, 2nd Maureen Dobbyn, 3rd Lily Sheeran

CLASS 207 1lb Marmalade

1st Catherine Walsh 2nd Lily Sheeran 3rd Emma Finlay

CLASS 208 Gooseberry Jam

1st Kathleen Gorman 2nd Maura Scully 3rd Anne Walsh, Glosha Rathdowney

CLASS 209 1lb Rhubarb Jam

1st Clare Bergin 2ndTeresa Robinson 3rd Anne Walsh

CLASS 210 1lb Strawberry Jam

1st Kathleen Gorman 2nd Kathleen Gorman 3rd Shiela Murray

CLASS 211 1lb Jar Of Honey No Entry

CLASS 212 Best Homemade Chutney Any Variety

1st B. Moore, Kilkenny 2nd Phyllis Foot 3rd Caroline Dennis


CLASS 213 Hand Knitted – Adult Garment with Sleeves

1st Julia Walsh, The Mall Roscrea 2nd Sylvia Vaugh, Garbally, Birr 3rd Catherine Tierney, Errill

CLASS 214 Childs Garment Double Knit

1st Bernie Hayes, Kilbreedy 2nd Helen Cruickshank 3rd Margaret Butler

CLASS 215 Most Attractive Cushion Any Medium

1st Beth Ruck, Cahie, Portlaoise 2nd Florrie Foley, Rathdowney 3rd Ann Keenan, Corrigeen

CLASS 216 Xmas Tree Decorations any medium not exceeding 6 inches

1st Mary Ging, Ballyclider 2nd Margaret Butler 3rd Mary Ging

CLASS 217 Tea Cosy Any Medium

1st Ann Keenan 2nd Mary Ging 3rd Clare Bergin

CLASS 218 Xmas Table Runner any medium

1st Margaret Keenan, Castletown 2nd Mary Ging 3rd Beth Ruck

CLASS 219 Trow Any Medium

1st Margaret Keenan 2nd Florrie Foley 3rd Margaret Butler

BERNIE DUNNE Perpetual Trophy

CLASS 219A Best Handmade Jewellary Confined To ICA Members.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Teresa Cuddy, Gash, Castletown 4th Maura Scully Res. Mai Hendy, Co. Kathleen Gorman

CLASS 220 Picture in Cross Stitch Framed

1st Danielle Nolan 2nd Danielle Nolan 3rd Simone Cooper 4th Margaret Keenan

CLASS 221 Article In Embroidary Large

1st Helen Cruickshank 2nd Stacia Kilroy 3rd Ellen Campion 4th Margaret Campion

CLASS 222 Best Hand Made Jewellery

1st Teresa Cuddy 2nd Teresa Cuddy 3rd Mary Mc Wey

CLASS 223 Small Handmade Embroidered Article

1st Helen Cruicshank 2nd Ellen Campion 3rd Ellen Campion

CLASS 224 A Knitted Cot Blanket (Double Knit)

1st Bernie Hayes, Kilbreedy 2nd Florrie Foley, Rathdowney 3rd Margaret Ryan.

CLASS 225 Crochet Fine Cotton Table Cloth (Ball Band To Be Attached)

Not Exceding 48inches

1st Margaret Butler 2nd Mary Ging

CLASS 226 Best Dressed Doll Clothes must be home made or hand knitted Any Medium

1st Mary Ging 2nd Ann Keenan 3rd Margaret Ryan

CLASS 227 A Knitted Aaron Cap

1st Margaret Butler 2nd Sylvia Vaugh 3rd Alice Dalton

CLASS 228 Best Handmade Small article in Patchwork

1st Margaret Keenan 2nd Florrie Foley 3rd Margaret Campion

CLASS 229 Best Small Article In Tapestry

1st Margaret Campion 2nd Ellen Campion

CLASS 230 Hand Knitted Toy Suitable for young child

1st Clare Bergin 2nd Ann Keenan 3rd Alice Dalton

CLASS 231 Best Hand made Card.

1st Alice Dalton 2nd Hellen Cruickshank 3rd Ediwina Cuddy

CLASS 232 Best Article made from Recycled Cards

1st Margaret Ryan 2nd Shiela Murray 3rd Margaret Butler

CLASS 233 Handmade most attractive pin cushion

1st Julie Anne Butler 2nd Shiela Murray 3rd Anne Walsh

CLASS 234 Any Artefact in Wood No Entry

CLASS 235 Any Artefact in Metal

1st Joseph Campion, Ballybuggy 2nd Joseph Campion.

CLASS 236 Oil Painting No Entries

CLASS 237 Painting in Acrylic

1st Patricia William 2nd Patricia William 3rd Maureen Dobbyn


CLASS 238 Animal or Bird

1st Margaret Keenan 2nd Leanne Searson 3rd Clare Dobbyn

CLASS 239 Farming Scene

CLASS 240 Landscape

CLASS 241 Scenes from your Travels


CLASS 242 Wall Hanging in any medium, made of anything not larger than 24x24

CLASS 243 Decorated Wooden Spoon 1st Lily Confrey 2nd Carey Davies 3rd Dara Fleming, Granstown

CLASS 244 Best Handmade Card

CLASS 245 Best Decorated Egg 1st Emma Finlay 2nd Aoife Finlay 3rd Isabel Finlay

CLASS 246 Best Anti Litter Poster A4 size

1st Amanda Murray 2nd Lily Confery

CLASS 247 Best Anti Smoking Poster A4 size 1st Emma Fleming 2nd Holly Moynan 3rd No 5 late

CLASS 248 On a computer design a Poster for The Ossory Show

1st Amanda Murray 2nd Emma Finlay

CLASS 249 Handwriting competition not more than 50 words. Script can be written in Irish or English.

1st 2nd Abygail Dennis 3rd Amanda Murray

CLASS 250 Painting In Acrylic Not larger than 9”x 12” Non Mounted

1st Orla Fitzgerald

VEGETABLES OPEN (no entries)

CLASS 251 Best Head of Lettuce CLASS 252 6 Table Potatoes (round and named)ClASS 253 Six Potatoes (kidney & named)CLASS 254 6 Boiled Potatoes CLASS 255 Best Single Onion CLASS 256 Best 4 Onion Sets CLASS 257 Best head of Cabbage (1) CLASS 258 Best head of Cauliflower CLASS 259 Best 6 Carrotts


CLASS 261 Best Gooseberries (10) CLASS 262 Best Rhubarb (4 sticks) CLASS 263 Best Basket of Salad Vegetables CLASS 264 Basket of Mixed Vegetables



CLASS 266 Orchid In Flower Any Kind

No Entry

CLASS 267 Display of Six Pansies

1st Claire Walsh, The Glebe House, Roscrea. 2nd Claire Walsh 3rd Catherine Walsh, The Old Rectory, Rathdowney

CLASS 268 Dahlia 1 Vase 6 Stems Any Type

No Entry

CLASS 269 Sweet Pea 1 vase 10 stems mixed

1st Catherine Walsh 2nd Alice Dalton, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny 3rd Claire Walsh

CLASS 270 Cacti or Succulent

1st Catherine Walsh

CLASS 271 Arum Lilies 1 vase - 3 stems

1st Claire Walsh 2nd Claire e Walsh 3rd Lillie Campion

CLASS 272 Hardy Flowering Shrub 1 Vase Mixed 3 Stems

No Entry

CLASS 273 Geraniums, 1 vase 6 stems mixed

1st Catherine Walsh

2nd Claire Walsh

3rd Alice Dalton

CLASS 274 Collection of Perennial flowers 1 vase, 6 varieties, 1 stem of each

1st Clare Walsh

CLASS 275 Perennial Flowers 1 vase, 3 stems, same variety, Not Lillies Or Dahlias

1st Cyril Walsh 2nd Jackie Mc Bryde 3rd Lily Sheeran

CLASS 276 Roses, 1 vase 3 Hybrid Tea

1st Claire Walsh 2nd Claire Walsh 3rd Elizabeth Carrigan

CLASS 277 Roses, 1 vase – Best Single Stem Floribunda

1st Catherine Walsh, 2nd Claire Walsh 3rd Claire Walsh

CLASS 278 ‘Rose Of The Show’ One Specimen Hybrid Tea Bloom

1st Claire Walsh 2nd Catherine Walsh 3rd Claire Walsh


CLASS 279 Most artistic arrangement of cut flowers & Foilage container not exceeding 12 inches high

1st Jackie McBryde, Clareen, Birr

CLASS 280 Hydrangeas 3 Blooms

1st Alice Dalton

CLASS 281 Pot Plant in Flower, Not Geranium

1st Lily Sheeran 2nd Catherine Walsh 3rd Catherine Walsh

CLASS 282 Pot Plant Decorative Foliage

1st Maud Claxton 2nd Catherine Walsh

CLASS 283 Geranium or Pelargonium in Flower

1st Catherine Walsh 2nd Catherine Walsh

CLASS 284 Most unusual Pot Plant

1st Catherine Walsh 2nd Catherine Walsh 3rd Helen Cruickshank

CLASS 285 Busy Lizzy in Flower

No Entries


CLASS 286 Best Collection of Wild Flowers. No Garden Flowers Allowed.

1st Megan Confrey 2nd Isabel Finlay 3rd

CLASS 287 Recycled. An arrangement of flowers in a disposable container. Novelty and presentation to count.

1st Megan Confery 2nd Victoria Dobbyn

CLASS 288 Miniature Garden in a biscuit tin lid.

1st Victoria Dobbyn 2nd Aoibhe O Brien, Ballydavis Portlaoise 3rd Lily Confery

CLASS 289 An Animal, insect or bird made from plant material. No artificial material allowed

No Entry