Meeting the Gaisce challenge in Abbeyleix

As a student of Loreto Kilkenny, I have becom involved in the Gaisce challenge for young people.

As a student of Loreto Kilkenny, I have becom involved in the Gaisce challenge for young people.

Great praise is due to the leaders of the Gaisce programme in our school, Ms Dalton and Ms Kinsilla.

At presentation on Gaisce earlier they motivated most of our year to get involved. They explained, in detail, the benefits of going for the President’s award. Elements of the challenge include involvement in our community.

My local community is Abbeyleix. My Gaisce challenge is to work n the local Sue Ryder shop. I got in touch with a lady who has worked in the shop for a number of years, and I have now begun working there every Saturday. The job is quite enjoyable as you meet plenty of people and you are also helping the volunteers who have worked there for a long time.

In the shop I usually tidy up books, sort out clothes etc. The shop is in the middle of town Abbeyleix, which means that plenty of people come in and browse around the shop.

From my experience so far I would advise anyone to give up some spare time to work at their local charity shop.

Gaisce is a great way of getting 4th years up and going around the country. It is also good to know that young people are getting more involved in their community and giving something back

Gaisce is a national challenge from the Irish President for young people, normally for students in schools all over the country in transition year.

Students only compete with themselves for the award. The main aim is to set yourself a challenge of completing 13 weeks of three different activities. With an additional 13 weeks of one activity.

The activities include community involvement, personal skill and physical recreation. Community involvement can be anything from volunteering in your local charity shop or nursing home to helping out in a dog shelter.

Each week you must complete at least an hour of each activity.

At the end of every week you are encouraged to write a diary account for each activity on the Gaisce website. It can be tough sticking to the hour a week.

To get the award you must have a certain amount of weeks completed by around April. This means that if you miss weeks you must catch up. People who have completed the challenge say that it is great for building self confidence.

The Gaisce programme, which has been running since 1985.