Mountrath getting savvy on cooking healthy way

By Carola Diettrich,

By Carola Diettrich,

Community Dietitian

For the first time ever, local residents got together to attend the Healthy Food Made Easy course in Mountrath Respond Centre which is a healthy eating on a budget programme

offering apractical hands on cookery session giving people tips and hints for providing tasty healthy food for their families. The course is offered to individuals in the wider Mountrath area as part of a joint initiative between Laois Partnership and HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster.

It is facilitated by local people trained as Food and Health instructors, who help the group work as a team to learn about the basics of healthy eating and put these ideas into practice by cooking low cost tasty recipes that can be easily used at home. At one of the sessions the group is visited by their local primary care team dietitian, who answers any nutritional questions that may have arisen.

The Mountrath residents thoroughly enjoyed the course, with one of the group remarking that they were ‘looking forward to the course every week’. The group is hoping to continue to meet regularly.

If you think you may be interested in learning more about healthy cooking on a budget, please contact food & health coordinator Nuala Finnegan at 087 738 7611. For more information or for more information on diet and nutrition, please contact: The Community Nutrition and Dietetic Service, HSE Dublin-Mid Leinster Tel: (044) 9353220 or email