POLL: Should this piece of Laois graffiti stay or go?

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

POLL:  Should this piece of Laois graffiti stay or go?

The graffiti urging 'support our local vandals' at Portlaoise Leisure Centre





Some witty graffiti has popped up in Portlaoise recently, and while is may not be on the Banksy level, and there is already a call to have it painted over, it raises a smile which is no bad thing at the moment.

A graffiti artist has plastered 'Support our local vandals' in huge letters along the Ridge Road embankment wall beside Portlaoise Leisure Centre and skate park.

Complete with Bart and Homer Simpson, it echoes the pandemic messages for the last year to support our frontline staff and local businesses.  

Cllr Thomasina Connell from Portlaoise has requested that Laois County Council paint over the "offensive message"  along with runners hanging from the powerline beside it.

Clearly vandalism is never to be supported, but is there a place for street art like this in urban settings, not visible from the road, if it is witty?

Should it stay or should it go? We want you to decide. 

Vote Stay or Go above in our weekend poll.