WATCH: Trudi Lalor releases ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ in aid of stillbirth charity

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Express Reporter


Award-winning Laois vocalist Trudi Lalor has just released a new single, her unique version of the iconic Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

All proceeds from the sale or download of the song will go directly to Irish-based charity Feileacain.

The song has been a favourite of Trudi's since she was a little girl. "I have had this song on my wish list for a while and I thought it would be great to do a big production on it. So I enlisted ace producer/arranger Peter Maher and John Byrne who arranged the strings and the orchestration for this special recording. I hope people will enjoy my version of this timeless classic," she says.

Trudi thought it would be fitting to make this song available to raise funds for a suitable charity. After a little research it was decided to contact Feileacain, an Irish-based charity which offers help and support to anyone affected by the death of a baby during pregnancy or shortly after. This wonderful charity was founded by a group of bereaved parents who realised that there was a need for such an organisation.

It is hoped to use Trudi's beautiful recording of Somewhere Over the Rainbow to raise awareness of Feileacain and also to raise much needed funds to allow the charity to continue to do their very important work. 

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow has been a song of hope for so many people for so many years and the same is true for the parents of Feileacain who have lost their child.  The rainbow is a symbol of hope, and the babies born to a family after a stillborn baby or a baby who died neonatally is called a 'Rainbow Baby'.
Hope is one of the hardest things to hold on to when your life falls apart following the shock and grief at the death of your baby -  and it is hard to hear the words spoken to us by others who try of offer comfort.  However the symbolism and imagery of the rainbow speaks to everyone - and when this message is conveyed through the medium of a song it is easier for parents to listen.
Trudi Lalor's beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow has brought comfort to so many bereaved parents - it is a song that is often sung at our Services of Remembrance.  Trudi's voyage around the country to promote the song has also resulted in so many reaching out to us who would not otherwise have heard of us.
Heartful thanks to Trudi.“ (Marie Cregan, Founder, Feileacain)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow available now from iTunes and streaming services, from Feileacain and all good record shops.

Losing a baby to stillbirth or neonatal death is one of the most traumatic and tragic experiences that any family can go through - and also one of the most misunderstood.  Very few people who have not gone through the death of their baby can understand the depths of sadness and intense grief that parents experience, and often expect the mothers and fathers of babies who have died 'to move on and get on with their lives'.
The seven founder members of Feileacain came together firstly to offer support to each other, and then in response to the need of other parents for similar support, formed Feileacain (Stillbirth and Neonatal Association of Ireland) in 2008.  The organisation was registered as a charity and launched in 2010.
Since then Feileacain has provided over 5000 of our 'Remembering...' Memory Boxes to parents whose baby has died.  The Memory Box contains a little blanket (handmade by one of our volunteers - who are often bereaved parents themselves), two little teddies (one to stay with baby and one for the parents; the teddies are swapped over then before burial or cremation so that each has a teddy held close by the other).  The Memory Box also contains information that parents will need on coping with both the practical and emotional aspects of the death of their child.  A little foot and hand print kit is also contained in the Memory Box so that parents can have an imprint of their child's hand and feet.
As well as the Memory Boxes, Feileacain also provides Cuddle Cots (cooling units) to the maternity hospitals so that babies can stay with their parents in hospital and also can go home to be waked in the traditional manner.  If a Cot is not available from the maternity hospital, a Feileacain volunteer will bring the Cot to the parents and set it up for them.  Older siblings are not forgotten either. and Feileacain understands the impact that the loss of their little brother or sister has on other children, and provides a little teddy to the older sibling from their baby brother or sister.  A handmade Remembrance Candle with an inscription of the baby's name is also offered to parents.
Feileacain also offers clay impressions of the baby's hand or feet, and if bereaved parents want to avail of this service a Feileacain volunteer will come to the hospital and take the prints, which are returned, cast, painted, glazed and framed to the parents.
All Feileacain services are free of charge.  Feileacain is a voluntary organisation who does not receive funding from the government.  The organisation provides support meetings, Remembrance Services, Play Therapy, Social Work, Counselling and Psychotherapy as well as a Listening Services and Peer Support.  The organisation depends on the support of the community, bereaved parents and their families to continue this key service.
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