WATCH Laois singer's new love song tugs at the heartstrings

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Spink Comhaltas has had a strong tradition of musicians and performers representing Laois in national competitions, and Clióna McDonald is continuing that in 2019 with her entry in the Beo Song Contest 2019.

This competition is run by Foras na Gaeilge and TG4 and is intended to encourage young musicians and song-writers to compose and perform songs in Irish and English.

Clióna McDonald is Irish Officer in Spink Comhaltas and is a student at St Fergal’s College in Rathdowney where she is in 6th year.  Aged 17 now, she started singing and playing music at the age of four and enjoys performing on the piano, harp, tin whistle, flute and banjo.  Clióna has represented Laois at All Ireland level a number of times, and is a former All Ireland champion on tin whistle.

Her new song Shiúl Tú As Mo Shaol (you walk out of my life) is a heartbreaker.

"I wrote this love song ‘Shiúl Tú As Mo Shaol’ for all the broken hearts around the world and I believe many will relate to it, having experienced unrequited love at some stage in their lives. I love singing and songwriting and thoroughly enjoyed this experience," she said.

Clióna thanks Adam Daly at Fairway Studios for all the help and encouragement throughout the recording and production process. 

This is not Clióna’s first song – she has built up a fine collection of songs over the last number of years and was previously a finalist in the Young Eurovision competition where she reached the finals.

She has kindly provided a copy of the lyrics for the song, but you can also listen to her perform it in a fantastic video she produced. 

So, give yourself a few minutes now to listen to her perform, then give her video a big thumbs up! and share it with your own friends on social media.

Shiúl Tú As Mo Shaol

An cuimhíonn tú an oíche dearnach

A bhí again solar d’imigh tú

Go bhfeicfidh mé tú arís 

Tá mo chrío fós ag brisfidh

Rith tú ar aigh

D’fhág tú mé anois 

Shiúl tú as mo shaol 

Mo shaol, mo shaol 

An rinne tú buttún ag imeacht 

Mar bhíomar fós í ngrá 

Cheap mé go raibh tú sona 

Ach lean tú ag siúl

Curfá (Chorus)

An smaoiníonn tú fúmsha go minic 

Mar bíonn tú ar mo híntinn í gconaí

Tabhair deis amhain eile dom

Tá mo grá duit comh laidir

Curfá (Chorus)

© Clióna McDonald, 2019

Spink Comhaltas provides traditional Irish music lessons to members from Laois and bordering areas in Kilkenny, Carlow, and Kildare.  With a comprehensive instrument bank to support members learning music in a cost-effective way, Spink prepares musicians for Fleadh Cheoil as well as traditional Irish music examinations. 

Most importantly, the tradition of playing and enjoying Irish music is being handed on to a new generation. Registration for 2019/20 season is now open, and more information is available on Spink Comhaltas on