WATCH: Forget John Lewis! midlands pub releases 'flying pint' Christmas advert

A Christmas miracle...

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


If ever there was a Christmas miracle, it is the idea of a pint delivery service that a popular midlands pub has put into its brand new Christmas advert. 

The impact of the Christmas advert has been taken mainstream by the likes of John Lewis in recent years, but JJ Hough's in Banagher, in Co Offaly on the Galway border, has literally taken it to new heights.

The ad, entitled Drone Alone, in reference to the Christmas classic movie, Home Alone, charts the journey of a pint from the tap at the Singing Pub to the home of a local woman. 

The pint is transported by a drone, and the ad depicts it being flown over the town with stunning aerial shots of the River Shannon, as well as a couple of bemused faces. 

Ger Hough is the man behind the video as well as the people at The song providing the soundtrack for the faithful journey is 'Lovely Avenues' by Ultan Conlon.


Many meanings can be drawn from the simple ad, and perhaps it is a look at the way in which technology acts to keep us all connected in modern life - or maybe it is meant to depicts the exact opposite.

Either way, it is well produced and shines a light on the idea of the local Irish pub at Christmas, something that will always be there, long after newfangled things like drones are obsolete.  

Can we have delivery of a fleet of pints immediately!?