WATCH: 'Find a better way' - Top doctor has his say on Covid-19 lockdowns

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


A top international doctor has told world leaders to "find a better way" than economic lockdowns to deal with Covid-19.

In an interview published over the weekend, Dr David Nabarro, Special Envoy of the World Health Organization Director-General on Covid-19, discussed economic lockdowns like the one Ireland is facing with a potential return to Level 5 restrictions. 

Most retails and other areas of the economy like personal services and hospitality would be closed under Level 5 but Dr Nabarro does not promote lockdown as a solution.

He describes something he calls the 'Middle Way', which relies on local public health to implement a robust system of testing, contact tracing and isolation such that economic lockdowns can be avoided.

He asked world leaders to work together and learn from one another to find a better way to manage Covid-19. 

You can watch the full interview at the head of this article.