WATCH: Gardai break up street party in Limerick as fireworks launched

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Warning: video contains strong language, viewer discretion advised

Gardai have broken up a significant public order incident in Limerick.

Officers attended the scene in the Castletroy area on Tuesday evening to disperse the crowds.

A number of videos have been widely shared on social media, especially Snapchat, revealing a gathering of dozens of students in breach of Covid-19 social distancing regulations.

The incident is believed to have taken place at College Court in Castletroy.

One video shows outdoor drinking taking place, alongside loud music, and a lack of social distancing.

In this piece, the students fall silent as the pyrotechnic explodes near a vehicle.

In a second video, glasses are broken on the roadway, with a firework subsequently spinning out of control in the night sky.

A further video seen by the Limerick Leader shows a large number of people fleeing the scene as a garda car – sirens blaring – arrives, as chaos reigned supreme.