WATCH: Candidate's song pumps some life into dull local election campaign

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Midlands candidate John Bracken has pumped some badly needed colour into an unremarkable local election campaign.

John Bracken became famous over ten years ago for his Laois Offaly Dáil election campaign song, 'Bracken is your man.' 

His new number, 'Give Your Vote to Bracken No. 1,' was published to Facebook early Thursday morning and has already amassed thousands of views.

The country tune lilts along with lyrics like, "He's a goer, he's a giver, and he sure ain't no quitter" and "Vote John Bracken No. 1, he's the man to get things done."

Bracken ran for election to the Dáil in both the 2007 and 2011 general elections but lost out having achieved just 934 first preference votes in 2007 and 625 in 2011.

This year he is back and is on the ballot paper in the local elections hoping to get a council seat in the Tullamore Electoral Area on May 24.

Once again, he has released a campaign song written by Stephen Rosney and Joe Cooney and the election hopeful says, "Hope this song gets you all out voting on the 24th of May and dancing on the 25th."