Watch Chasing Abbey perform 'That Good Thing' on Electric Picnic main stage

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


Hip hop performers from Tullamore play a stormer on the stage ahead of Electric Picnic 2017

Tullamore hip hop trio Chasing Abbey, whose hit is the earworm song of 2017 in Ireland, performed on the Electric Picnic main stage ahead of the 2017 festival.

The band formed only a year ago and recently signed with global record label Universal Music, based on the success of their debut song.

Ro, Ted, and Bee gave it socks performing 'That Good Thing' for national media at the press launch on Tuesday August 29.

They followed it up with what could be their new hit, 'Choices', which the band are considering releasing as their second single. See it here.

Speaking to the Leinster Express afterwards, they agreed it has been an amazing year.

"It was some buzz, to be playing the Electric Picnic, if you told us a year ago, we wouldn't believe you. We're happy to be here and to be playing to a home crowd, a midlands crowd, it's going to be great," said Bee, 22.

"It's been the year of our lives, pretty much every thing has been great, everything we hoped and planned for has come true for us, we 're just really grateful for everything, and everyone that's supported us, and we want to keep going and work hard," said Ted, also 22.

"Any home crowd we've played to so far have been unbelievable, they always bring the energy so we look forward to that this weekend," said Ro, 19.

They have enjoyed great receptions already this summer, performing on the festival circuit at Indiependence and Sea Sessions.

"This weekend we hope to top it off," Ro said.