WATCH: Irish priest accidentally plays rap music at the start of live-streamed lockdown Mass

Who was his rapper of choice?




Lockdown Mass live-streams have become a big part of people's daily lives across Ireland over the course of the last year - and every so often technological mishaps serve up a gem.

Donegal-based priest Fr Pat Ward is known to give his parishioners in Kincasslagh and Burtonport a reason to smile, and his latest live-stream has spread that smile across the country.

Last Wednesday morning, he began his blessing of a live-streamed Mass by accidentally playing some rap music, ‘Young Prophet’ by Samson (aka Black the Ripper), and the clip has spread like wildfire.

Always the professional, Fr Pat said "Black the ripper... A wee bit of rap in the morning, wakes you up", before continuing on with the Mass.

Video: Kincasslagh Parish Facebook