VIDEO: Queue growing fast for Ed Sheeran tickets in Portlaoise

Hardy Laois music fans set for a cold wet night in hopes of tickets

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


The queue for Ed Sheeran concert tickets is growing fast outside Colgan's Sports in Portlaoise, with first in line being James Byrne and is wife Sabrina, who arrived at 10am, a whole 24 hours ahead of when the tickets go on sale, on Thursday February 2.

They were prepared to freeze themselves all night to get tickets for their teen daughters Angel and Summer.

"I'm freezing in the cold sitting here," said James, whose plan to stay warm involves nipping up to the all night Downeys filling station for hot drinks.

"They are big fans, they saw him last time too. One is a guitar player, they really appreciate what we're doing," said Sabrina.

There were already over 20 fans on campchairs, all girls, determined to get a ticket for their favourite ginger singer songwriter.

"He's just a very inspirational person, he has really good songs," said Megan Lawless from Portlaoise.

"I camped three days for the last concert, he's epic in concert," she said.

Colgan's manager Shane O'Neill said "I think they're mad".

"It was the same for U2. Any tickets we have are the same as anyone applying at home on their own computer, outlets are not allocated any tickets," he said.

Angel and Summer's parents are not convinced.

"They always say that, they're guaranteed some tickets," said Sabrina.

Edwina Carroll from Portlaoise fell in love with Ed's music when he played a minor stage in Electric Picnic some years ago, and saw him twice since.

"He is brilliant, though what he's charging for these tickets , I'm changing my mind," she said laughing.

The campers are in for a cool night, with rain forecasted later, and lowest temperatures of 6 to 8 Celsius, according to Met Eireann.