VIDEO: The perfect Pancake Tuesday recipe, and ideas for yummy sweet fillings from Irish chef Catherine Fulvio

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


It's Pancake Tuesday, and the Leinster Express has found the perfect video by Irish chef Catherine Fulvio to talk us through how to make easy perfect pancakes, with three sweet fillings.

The ingredients you need are 100g plain flour, a pinch of salt, two eggs, 200ml of full fat milk, 75ml water, and about two tablespoons of melted butter, with a drop of rapeseed oil for the pan.

For toppings, Catherine suggests the traditional butter, castor sugar and lemon, as well as more fancy ideas with creme fraiche, a winterberry compote, an apple compote, and candied walnuts.

Pancakes go with everything, and her savoury suggestion is some blue cheese and bacon.

Here in the Leinster Express offices, favourites include american style thick pancakes with smoked bacon and maple syrup, or banana and nutella with maple syrup, as well as maple syrup with strawberries, while the old favourite sugar and lemon can't be beaten! 

There's no excuse so get flipping!