Gardaí arrest man smashing windows with a metal pole in Portlaoise

By Ryan Dunne


By Ryan Dunne


The gardaí were called to the scene of a disturbance at the Well Road in Portlaoise just minutes ago, as a man was smashing the windows of a house with a metal pole.

The man, a foreign national, was shouting at passers by as he smashed at least three windows of the house on the corner of the Well Road, just beside the Polonez supermarket, at just before 5pm on Monday, April 3.

The man threatened at least one witness with the metal pole, and many members of the public stood watching terrified as the incident unfolded over a matter of minutes. After smashing the downstairs window of the building, the man went back into the house.

Up to three garda cars attended the scene and the man came back out of the house, shouting at the gardaí that it was his house. The man was subsequently arrested.

The building houses four flats and it is understood that the man lives on the top floor.