WATCH: Dr Eoin Sullivan talks about the archaeological dig at the Fort Protector wall in Porlaoise

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


A week long test excavation is currently underway at the Fort Protector wall in Portlaoise. The excavation director is Dr Eoin Sullivan from Rosenallis.

It is the first research excavation that has ever taken place in the town, which was built around the 16th century English army garrison, still largely intact. His team of three includes archaeologists Sean Murray from Portlaoise, and Dr Sharon Greene from Kildare.

They have already discovered evidence of a wooden rainwater gully and a raised path outside the fort, while working in the site carpark of the former Shaws building.
The teams has also found pieces of 16th century pottery, and 19th century donkey shoes and horse shoes, from when a smithy was based at the site.

The dig was commissioned by Laois Heritage and Laois County Council, who owns the Shaws site, soon to become the new Portlaoise library.