WATCH: Laois Rose Grainne Hogan on stage at Rose of Tralee

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

Laois Rose Grainne Hogan has shown Daithi O Se how to milk a cow on stage in Tralee tonight. Farmer Grainne who milks 110 friesians twice a day, let Daithi know that he wasn't good at milking. 

She had great praise for her mam Anne who reared Grainne and her brother Eoin on her own. 

"She should be up here, not me," Grainne said. 

She had great praise too for her grandad who instilled a love of farming in her, and her nana Sadie who is in Tralee for the first time for the festival. 

Another 16 Roses will appear on television tomorrow night before the new Rose of Tralee is announced. 

Well done Grainne and best of luck!