Is there going to be a heatwave? WATCH explainer in 10-day forecast of possible 'weather rollercoaster'

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly

The jury is out on talk of a heatwave there is a fear that any hot weather could bring big intense thunderstorms.

Met Office forecaster in the UK say the next ten days could be 'a bit of a rollercoaster' meteorologically.

A 10-day forecast predicts two scenarios could play out. Continental Europe is expected to be very hot. 

One scenario is that hot air will push up over Britain and Ireland but a second would see it staying cooler due to a blocking Omeaga weather pattern that has pushed cooler in the Atlantic up against Ireland and Britain for most of the summer so far.

If the hot weather makes its way up from Europe the forecaster is warning of hot and humid weather with 'big intense thunderstorms'.

If the hot weather stays away, the June weather we've had so far is set to continue with cool, cloudy and wet weather that has prevailed for most of the month set to continue.