WATCH: New documentary about Covid-19 times in a Laois town

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

The strangeness of Covid-19 times and the strength of a Laois community enduring it has been encapsulated in a fascinating documentary made by two Laois people.

Cameraman Terry Smeaton and student journalist Hannah Cahill are behind a film interviewing people of their town of Rathdowney.

"Hannah and myself decided to record the events of Covid 19 during the early stages of lock down. People from our local area were interviewed, giving their views on the current situation and effects it might have on us for many years to come," said Terry. 

They interview many businesses and well known people all around the town.

Among them, Practice nurse Liz describes the medical impact on locals, and publican Tom O'Malley describes the hit to his pub.

"it probably mightn't ever open again. It's been very difficult on a lot of people. With the GAA gone it leaves a huge vacuum in people's lives, but people have adjusted amazingly well," Tom said.

This has been the hardest couple of months in the 26 years we've been here," said proprietor of The Card Stand Mary Prendergast.

"I think there'll be hand sanitiser forever more. There's a lot of older customers we miss. I'm doing the paper round every moming, for regular customers who can't come in anymore, so they have their paper everyday which is important," she said.

Sit back with a cuppa and watch the 40 minute documentary which records these extraordinary times for posterity. 

Interviews and Narration Hannah Cahill Camera and Sound Terry Smeaton.