Back to School: All hands on deck at the new Holy Family Senior School, Portlaoise

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


Builders are working around the clock in Portlaoise to ensure the new Holy Family Senior School is ready to open this week

Watch Principal Des Sutton and Deputy principal Meree O'Sullivan proudly introduce the new Holy Family Senior School in Portlaoise.

The school will have 700 pupils and 52 staff in the state-of-the-art campus at Aghnaharna, shared with the Junior School of a similar size.

Mr Sutton says the school will definitely be open by Thursday, August 31.

"The thirds and fourths at 9o'clock, and the fifths and sixths at half nine. Over the next few days we'll get it all organised, we're ready to go. For the staff and the children, it is a major step forward," he said.

Meree O'Sullivan showed the Leinster Express around the school, where teachers and past pupils have all voluteered their time to add the finishing touches.

"I've spent all my working life at St Paul's, this is like moving home, for the children and the teachers, it is a new start for us all. Everything we have is here, it's just a matter of settling down," she said.

Among the new state-of-the-art equipment, are the school's five Virgin Mary statues, and their roll books going back 200 years, while every photo on the walls of the old school has been stored digitally.

"We are so grateful to Fr John, he had the vision and he was so determined to see it through, without him we'd have no school," Ms O'Sullivan said.

The senior school has a 12 pupil ASD unit. The two 24 classroom schools each have GP halls, as well as another shared sports hall, an astro turf pitch and two playgrounds. 

Watch the video on the Junior school here.