National Ploughing Championship: A look back at Ballacolla in 2000

Have a flick through some old photos from The National Ploughing Championships in 2000

Express Reporter


Express Reporter

Laois has played host to The National Ploughing Championships many times over the years. 

With the huge outdoor event making a return to neighbouring Offaly next week, we thought we would look back through the archives at times gone past.

This gallery of photos are from the year 2000 when the Ploughing was held in Ballacolla, Co. Laois. The Ploughing stayed in Laois for the following two years however it was cancelled in 2001 due to an outbreak in Foot and Mouth disease.

The National Ploughing Championships began back in 1931. 

It first came to Portlaoise in 1943 and didn't return to the county again until 2000, touring different farmlands of Ireland in the meantime. 

The event had three fantastic years in Ratheniska in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

To this day the multi-million Euro ploughing HQ is located in Ballylinan where 'Queen of the Ploughing' Anna May McHugh lives in Fallaghmore.

Photos by Alf Harvey.

Anna May McHugh flies the flag for Laois in "Queen of the Ploughing".