Laois photographers invited to capture countryside biodiversity

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


Bio diversity photography  competition farm

The National Rural Network (NRN) is inviting entries from professional and amateur photographers from Laois for a national biodiversity photo competition.

The aim of the competition is raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity in in rural areas and on farms.

Biodiversity is a word used to describe the variety of all living things. It includes plants, animals, fish, birds and fungi. In fact, all life in the air, land, soil and sea are included.

Biodiversity is everywhere on farms too. Here are a few examples: 

. Grassland: grasses, weeds, animals, birds, insects & flowers
. Hedgerows: bushes, flora, birds, insects & small mammals
. Air:insects, birds & bats
. Rivers: fish, insects & flora
. Soil: microbes, fungi, insects & worm

Amateurs, hobbyists and professionals are invited to enter a photo that show biodiversity in rural areas or on farms.

Photos should be sent to along with the following information.

. A catchy caption for the photo
. Your name
. Your contact number
. A brief description as to location the photo is taken & if the area is linked to GLAS or was previously linked to AEOS or REPS

The closing date for entries is 25th October 2017 and the winner will be chosen on the 27th of October by the National Rural Network Biodiversity Subcommittee.

Winning entries will be showcased on the NRN website and social media accounts.

Visit for further information.