Take a moment to listen to your garden with the help of the Dunamaise Arts Centre team

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter



Take a moment to listen to your garden with the help of the Dunamaise Arts Centre team

After a sell-out premiere for Dublin Fringe Festival 2020: 1000 Miniature Meadows will return this April via a unique network of listeners from Dunamaise Arts Centre from 23rd to 30th April.

The Portlaoise centre's team say 1000 Miniature Meadows is a part sound project and part nationwide planting project that will begin with a letter sent to you at your home. You will be invited to step into your garden or that wild patch of green by your house and to listen to what it has to say.   

"This is a lively invasion of our outdoor spaces and an ambitious attempt to open out fresh conversations surrounding Ireland’s biodiversity crisis. Expect a link to an intimate soundscape, a sachet of seeds, expert interviews, and a conversation with a bumblebee.

"1000 Miniature Meadows is a fresh perspective on Ireland’s biodiversity crisis through sound, looking at our personal and national connection to biodiversity and nature. During the original pilot for Dublin Fringe Festival 2020 1,000 wildflower meadows were planted across the island of Ireland - another 600 will be planted during this second run of the project. Participants will sign up via any of the three venue websites and get sent a letter with a packet of native Irish wildflower seeds via post, and an accompanying sound file to listen to while planting," says the centre.                        

Via headphones, participants will then be invited to plant their meadow, while listening to an intimate soundscape made up of some of Ireland's leading experts on biodiversity and the environment including Éanna Ní Lamhna (RTÉ), John McCullen (Irish Tree Council), Kyle Petrie & Mark Earley (Open Hive).

1000 Miniature Meadows

Venue: In nature, close to your home (nationwide)

Performances: 23rd – 30th April

Duration: 60 mins approx.

Tickets: €10

1000 Miniature Meadows is a co-commission from Dublin Fringe Festival and Science Gallery Dublin.

For information/queries contact

Shanna at shannamaybreen@gmail.com or +353 85 8479033

Or lorraine@dunamaise.ie or 086 6003484