Accounting technichans supporting Pieta House through Covid-19

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Pieta House sees 24 percent hike in calls from Tipperary

Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) has donated €20,000 to support Pieta House in the charity’s work to highlight the psychological challenges of the fight against Covid-19.

Gillian Doherty, Chief Operations Officer with ATI, said the Institute had made the donation on behalf of its community of 10,000 members and students to support mental health services in these unprecedented times.

Although ATI’s Annual Charity Lunch scheduled for April 24 has been cancelled, its nominated charity, Pieta House, will not be at a loss as ATI has committed €20,000 to help support people in distress.

“We as human beings are not always aware of our capacity for personal resilience and in these uncertain times, we may need additional support,” said Ms Doherty.

“With the help of the frontline staff of Pieta House, we can avail of their experience and expertise in recovering wellness.”

ATI’s President and Grant Thornton Partner Sinead Donovan said support for Pieta House is now more important than ever as people’s psychological health comes into focus as a result of the restrictions on daily life. “The core theme of our Annual Charity Lunch was to have been wellness, with a particular emphasis on mental health,” said Ms Donovan.

“Charities like Pieta House require strong support at this time as people’s psychological wellbeing comes into focus given the restrictions on daily life.”

Pieta House, which has recently postponed its Annual Darkness Into Light walk, warmly welcomed the donation. For those in difficulty, Pieta House can be contacted free at 1800 247 246 or by texting HELP to 51444.