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Shauna Gavin, Communications Specialist, MyMind


Shauna Gavin, Communications Specialist, MyMind

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Counselling is something that all of us may need at certain points in our lives, whether it be to get through a difficult experience or maybe just to get some things off our chests to feel a little lighter. 

There is no doubt that talking about a problem helps significantly with how we process it in our minds. Despite all this, many people will feel a certain level of anxiety about sitting in that chair and opening up in the anonymous, blank room. For others, they may live a long journey away from where the face to face counselling takes place, costing them a significant amount on public transport just to get there. MyMind is bridging this gap by offering both face to face and online counselling and psychotherapy, accessible not only from anywhere in Ireland but anywhere in the world.

Who are MyMind?

MyMind is the first and largest blended model of mental health care in Ireland (which means they offer both online and face to face therapy) aiming to make mental health care accessible and affordable to everyone. They offer reduced rates for full time students, those unemployed, those working part time or pensioners as well as having therapists who speak over 15 languages between all of them. They also have centres in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

Who can benefit from online counselling?

Everyone can and will benefit from counselling and online counselling is no exception. Online counselling is an increasingly popular option. More and more people are recognising that they do not need to attend face to face therapy in order to meet their mental health needs. Here are some of the various types of people who can benefit from online counselling.

For those who cannot, for reasons of physicality, not attend face to face therapy, it is an excellent option. This could be people who live in a very rural location or those whose physical movement is restricted by disability, for example. 

Online therapy allows a therapeutic relationship to continue even when a client moves away, even internationally.  Continuing with a therapeutic relationship in this way can be very beneficial at a time of change and upheaval and can help the client to cope with a period of transition.  

People who feel great anxiety around leaving the house or being visible within society, or interacting with peers etc, can find online therapy to be a stepping stone in terms of anxiety recovery and treatment.  

Online therapy allows people who have very little time to spare to attend therapy regularly from their home or work. Once you have a quiet, secluded and safe place in which to do a session, you can work very effectively online. Setting up this space is very important as it has to feel as close to the safe and secure therapeutic space that you would encounter in a face to face counselling experience.  

Being online can hold a certain familiarity and comfort for many people. Our lives are increasingly lived online and having a therapist work within this space can allow for the difficulties, nuances and challenges of life online to be addressed in real time in a congruent manner. Being comfortable within your therapeutic space is very important and online therapy can help with this.  

In the increasingly digital world we live in, counselling is not exempt from this digital revolution. With everything from shopping to reading the news to dating operating online nowadays, online therapy is certainly worth a try. MyMind is all about making mental health services accessible to all and by offering an online service they are expanding this accessibility.

MyMind provides affordable counselling and psychotherapy online or face-to-face in their Dublin, Cork and Limerick centres in over 15 languages.

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