Fundraiser underway to purchase emergency ventilators for Covid-19 victims

Michaela O'Dea


Michaela O'Dea

A group of Irish researchers raise fund to purchase emergency ventilators for Covid-19 victims

A group of Irish Researchers have began raising funds to obtain more Ventilators for Ireland.

The Coronavirus Response Team are a not for profit group which is dedicated to developing and manufacturing easy to assemble ventilators in Ireland with their team of engineers, medical doctors, students and innovators.

The team "has come together with the sole purpose developing a new, open-source, simplified ventilator" according to their Go Fund Me Page. 

According to HSE data, Ireland could end up with less than 1% of the number of ventilators required to treat the projected number of people who will become critically ill due to COVID-19.  With current projections forecasting over 6% of coronavirus cases becoming critically ill, the potential ventilator crisis could leave over 100,000 Irish lives at risk.

The group aim to avoid deciding who uses the ventilators and who does not, an occurrence which is happening in Italy. 

The group also stated that "it is widely recognized among medical professionals that without urgent action the Italian situation will replicate around the globe." The initiative believe that no patient should be left behind due to the lack of available equipment.

The group are raising funds and rely on the generosity of the Irish people. If you wish to contribute to this cause, you can do so by visiting their Go Fund Me Page.

To date, the group have received €74,102 and the page has almost 2,000 donors since created on March 18 2020.