Dr Tony Holohohan makes Covid-19 Christmas appeal as Ireland waits for coronavirus vaccine

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



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Dr Tony Holohan concerned about Christmas as vaccine looms

Irish people must protect each other from Covid-19 infection over Christmas ahead of the expected vaccination programme in 2021 according to the doctor who has lead the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Ireland.

On the day when vaccination began in Britain and Northern Ireland Dr Tony Holohan, Ireland's Chief Medical Officer, said the Government's latest decisions on the sequencing of vaccination are welcome. He also advised the public that people must continue to live with caution and follow the rules that have kept the virus at bay.

“Today the Government approved NPHET’s advice on prioritisation of COVID-19 vaccines. This is an important step in the development of the vaccine strategy, being finalised by the High Level taskforce for COVID-19 vaccination.

“While each of us awaits our opportunity to be vaccinated, it is important that we continue to protect each other in the meantime, particularly over Christmas and in the months ahead.  

“Continue to follow public health advice; avoid crowded places, physically distance, wear face coverings, wash hands regularly and practice cough/sneeze etiquette,” he said in his daily statement.

A vaccination plan is still being worked but the Government announced today, November 8, which people would get the vaccine once it is approved and ready for use in Ireland. It also said that it has millions of doses on order from four companies.