Laois Offaly people in their 90s haven't had Covid-19 jab

Brian Stanley TD raises this and several other issues vaccination roll out in Dáil

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly

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Covid-19 testing centre in Portlaoise

Laois and Offaly residents aged in their 90s have yet to be vaccinated, Brian Stanley TD has revealed.

The issue was one of a number of problems raised in the Dáil on Thursday by the Sinn Fein TD.

“All those over the age of 80 are supposed to have been vaccinated. I know of a 97-year-old woman in my constituency who has not yet been vaccinated.

"Another constituent of mine, a 95-year-old man, has not yet been vaccinated. We cannot get information as to when they will be vaccinated. Both of the constituents to whom I referred are housebound.

"My office telephoned the HSE Helpline but we cannot obtain information;" he said

He also called into question the promise of mobile vaccination. He insists that it is evidence of the need to have a vaccination manager in every county.

"I cannot get an answer regarding the mobile vaccination service and the mobile vaccination unit in Laois-Offaly. Is there such a unit? All Deputies will agree there is no shortage of managers in the HSE. In fact, there are legions of them. Can one person be put in charge of the vaccine roll-out in each county?

"It is a real problem on the ground. I am telling the Minister sincerely that this must be dealt with. It is not acceptable that people who are approaching 100 years of age have not yet been vaccinated," he said.

The TD also put the spotlight on changes to the vaccination schedule and its impact on frontline workers.

"I refer to the announcement this week of changes to the vaccine roll-out. It shows that the Government has abandoned the plan it was pursuing as it has come to the conclusion that the plan is not fit for purpose.

"Key workers such as teachers, gardaí and taxi drivers have been downgraded. Taxi drivers who provide services for the HSE, whose situation I raised in the House several months ago, as well as special needs assistants, SNAs, who work in close proximity to others, childcare workers and essential retail workers, have not been vaccinated.

"There has been an outbreak at the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise. Prison officers need protection They have to deal with conflict in the prison daily. They work in close quarters with no room to socially distance and they are in a very difficult situation. Some of them have raised this issue with me.

"I refer to family carers and those who work in day services for the intellectually challenged and physically disabled. We need to try to do something to get these service workers and ensure they are safe.

"We need a fair roll-out of the vaccine. I ask that his office revert to my office with an email in that regard, today if possible, because it is a really important issue. It is a life-and-death issue," he said.

Ultimately, he said supply is the key factor in beating the disease.

"If we are to emerge from the pandemic in any sort of efficient or timely manner, we need to significantly increase the supply of vaccines.

"Sinn Féin has called on the Minister to raise the matter with the European Commission and to put pressure on it to be more proactive around approving other effective vaccines.

"Other countries are doing side deals while the Government sits on its hands. Germany has done a deal with Pfizer, as has Denmark. Austria has followed suit.

"Slovakia and the Czechs have signed up for Sputnik, the Russian vaccine. What actions is the Government taking to speed up the European Commission and the European Medicines Agency, EMA, in terms of the approval of other effective vaccines’’?