Laois Offaly gardaí clock 11 drivers speeding through village in two hours

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly

gardaí laois offaly speeding

Village is just a crossroads

Laois Offaly gardaí had no problem catching speeding drivers in a local village which as a hazardous junction on Sunday evening.

Birr Gardaí monitored drivers on the R440 through Killyon Village, outside Birr in a 50km/h zone and 80km/h zone on Sunday evening, June 21, for a two-hour period.

In total, 11 drivers were detected driving in excess of the specified speed limit. The vast majority living in the locality or within a 10km radius.

"Two particular drivers were driving at 81 kph and 95kmh. This was in a 50kph zone," gardaí said.

A number of fixed charge penalty notices are to be issued.