Gardaí warn about "scam calls" claiming to be from Revenue tax collectors

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter


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The Garda National Economic Crime Bureau have warned the public and businesses about new scam calls which surged in December.

Gardaí say the potential victim receives a phone call from a what appears to be an ‘051’ number, similar to a Waterford landline number.

These are what are known as "Voip" numbers – computer-generated numbers.
Gardí warn that the caller will try to acquire the personal information/data or bank details of the potential victim. This attempt can vary but it is usually the following examples;

- A Tax refund is Due or Immediate payment for a tax bill is required, sometimes to avoid a criminal prosecution.

The caller will then ask for the potential victim's credit/debit card or bank account details.
The Revenue scam in the past has also used both email and text message as a way of contacting potential victims. 

The following advice is given to the public:

  • Do not give out your credit/debit card, bank account, or PPS Number to anyone who makes unsolicited contact with you whether by phone or email.  An Garda Síochána, Revenue, nor any Financial Institution will never call you and ask for your PPS number or bank account details
  • Never give away personal data to anyone or give assess to your bank account to unknown or untrusted people
  • Revenue will never ask a customer to provide personal details via phone calls, text messages, email or ‘pop up’ windows.
  • If you receive such a call, just hang up. Do not engage in conversation with them as they can be very persuasive
  • Anyone who mistakenly provides personal information in response to this scam should contact their bank or credit card company immediately and report the matter to their local Garda Station.