Electric Picnic 2018: Tickets, prices, loyalty schemes and discount codes

Express Reporter


Express Reporter

Electric Picnic 2018 tickets will go on sale on Friday, September 8 at 9am on Ticketmaster.

Even though you are probably still recovering from last weekend, it is time to get your head in the game for next year.

Just like 2017, Electric Picnic will offer the Loyalty Scheme tickets to loyal followers as well as a three-stage instalment plan to save people from forking out a wad of cash after last weekend.

To be eligible for a discount, you will need to prove you have been to the festival before and in return you will get the discount code.

If you have been to the festival three times or more a ticket will cost €165, if you've been once or twice a ticket will cost €185 and if you haven't been before it will cost €205.

For those who have purchased tickets from Ticketmaster in the past online and who opted in to future mailing you should receive a code direct from Ticketmaster.

See more information on discount and loyalty codes here.

Organisers have revealed that Electric Picnic 2018 will take place 31 August to 2 September and the first round of tickets go on sale this Friday 8 September at 9am from Ticketmaster.

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