Laois acts in latest Electric Picnic line-up announcement

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Laois acts in latest Electric Picnic line-up announcement

Electric Picnic has announced the line-up for The Hazel Wood 2019 and it includes some new up and coming Laois performers. 

Theatre, art, spoken word, comedy, music and lots more feature on the relaxing Hazel Wood stage. 

“I went out to the hazelwood, Because a fire was in my head, And cut and peeled a hazel wand, And hooked a berry to a thread; And when white moths were on the wing, And moth-like stars were flickering out, I dropped a berry in a stream And caught a little silver trout.” - W.B. Yeats

If you’re looking to get away from it all at this year’s Electric Picnic, then follow the path into the woods and immerse yourself in the tranquil wonderland that is The Hazel Wood!

Now in its fourth year, The Hazel Wood has firmly established itself as the festival’s go-to spot for an eclectic mix of theatre, storytelling, spoken word and music. 

Set in a secluded woodland haven amongst a circle of traditional horse-drawn caravans, centred around a crackling campfire and adorned with a beautiful array of visual art, The Hazel Wood is a sanctuary where you can exhale, unwind and lose yourself amongst the wonder of it all.

This year The Hazel Wood is proud to welcome onstage:


Youth Work Ireland Laois are thrilled to present Electric Youth. This presentation of Electric Youth is comprised of the winners of a competition run in association with Electric Picnic at Youth Work Ireland Laois in Portlaoise. The winners of the Electric Youth competition will take to The Hazel Wood Stage to perform in a range of genres, from Spoken Word, to vocal and instrumental pieces in solo and collaborative performances - showcasing the very best of Laois’ young and emerging talent. 

The winners include Music Generation Laois band Paper Planes, spoken word artist Glory Anumundu, musician Alice Laffan and Tia Burke and her band.

These talented Laois performers will all take to the Hazel Wood stage over the weekend. 

Theatre by THE GAIETY SCHOOL OF ACTING with their new production MISS PLACED, Music by LIAM O’CONNOR a captivating performance of deep-rooted traditional Irish music, song and dance, a spellbinding display of raw energy, passion and melodic genius.

The Hazel Wood is delighted to welcome its new resident theatre group STRIVE THEATRE, they are a multi-disciplinary performance group and will be presenting THE CROSSOVER a celebration of nature, youth culture and meaningful collaborations. 

CEREBRAL FORTRESS is a late-night immersive theatre experience and this year you are the patient in THE HOME FOR THE FESTIVELY INSANE!

The Hazel Wood featured Visual Artists this year will be EMMA QUINN with DREAMS, let your senses aid you in awakening your imagination.

Also, PAUL DARCY with THE SALMON OF KNOWLEDGE, a vestibule of potential and wisdom waiting to be unlocked. And when the sun goes down CONRADH NA GAEILGE invites festival-goers to wander in The Hazel Wood AFTER DARK, where a full program of Irish language, culture and music will bewitch all who enter.

And if that’s not enough the cosy indoor café bar will be returning this year, where you can enjoy a refreshing cold beer or a piping hot cuppa while immersing yourself in a selection of spoken word performances by BOUNDLESS & BARE.

Our all-female comedy line-up returns on Thursday, August 29 for the early entry campers with a some of Ireland’s most exciting stand-up comedians Emma Doran, Ailish McCarthy, Aoife O’Connor, Bláithín de Burca, Emily Ashmore, Justine Stafford, Grace Mulvey, Saoirse Smith, Christina McMahon, Jessica Collins, Louise O’Toole, Kate Feeney, Grace Campbell, Diane O’Connor and Gillian Fitzgerald.

So, whether you’re looking for a cosy spot to chat, an enchanting world of storytelling and performance art, or somewhere calm to nurse a heavy head, then The Hazel Wood is for you!



One odd turn in the woods can leave you lost, confused and can chill your blood.

Red doesn't suit Anastasia, and she's never met her Granny, so why is this all sounding very familiar…  Plus, who was that devilish handsome wolfish stranger she just met? 

The Gaiety School of Acting, The National Theatre School of Ireland is delighted to return to The Hazel Wood for this unique - sometimes funny, sometimes creepy, but always energetic performance within the woods.


The Liam O' Connor Show is a captivating performance of deep rooted traditional Irish music, song and dance, a spellbinding display of raw energy, passion and melodic genius. 'Fastest Fingers in the World' Guinness Book of World Records, a unique opportunity to experience the magic and mystic blend of the most spellbinding performance of vibrant music.


Jack lives with his granny in a small house in the middle of a magic forest. When Jack’s granny falls ill, the only way to save her is to make her famous magic medicine. Jack must work hard to gather all of the weird and wonderful ingredients listed in granny’s recipe book. Along the way he meets some strange new creatures, a scary fortune teller and a new best friend!

Granny’s Magic Medicine is a Quest Adventure play with life size puppets, a cartoon style set and original music. Fun for all the family!


Something is rumbling deep in The Hazel Wood; and it’s not the bass of a boombox or the heavy tread of the nearby crowds. 

Have you heard of the old Celtic fairy tree? Do you believe? We didn’t.  Do you believe in miraculous powers and sinister forces? In channels of communication between the divine and the deadly? In mystical insights into a peripheral world? We were told...but we didn’t listen.

An Madre Dubh is waiting.

The graduates of The Lir, The National Academy of Dramatic Arts return to The Hazel Wood with a newly devised production An Madre Dubh - based on work created with Dan Colley, bringing audiences on a journey into an unseen realm. Join us in The Hazel Wood for a piece of traditional campfire storytelling, with a twist.


Happyslapped (Winner of best Ensemble Galway Fringe) returns to The Hazel Wood Stage. Freddie Summers is the host of a children's television show in a world co-inhabited by puppets and humans. His world slowly begins to fall apart and all he really wants to do is quit smoking. But smoking is just too damn good. Right.


Comprised of seven individuals, each masters of their own instruments, with titles among them including multiple All-Ireland Champions, World Bodhrán Champion, and a recipient of the prestigious TG4 “Young Musician of the Year”, The Bonny Men generate a powerful sound that encapsulates the very soul of traditional music. Singing a mixture of original and contemporary folk songs, laden with creative harmonies, and playing sets of tunes bursting with explosive energy, their music always delivers. With clever and intriguing arrangements, never shy of character or personality, every Bonny Men gig is a musical experience from start to finish.


It’s not easy to get by in this crazy old world is it? But Fred & Alice have discovered that all you really need are two tennis rackets, disproportionate reactions to minor accidents, an immature coping strategy and each other.

Fred & Alice is a quirky love story about two amazing mischievous characters who meet in a home. It wasn’t really a home, but Fred always called it a home because that was where he lived, and if you are not living at home then where are you? It was love at first sight for Alice. Fred didn’t talk to her again for years but then eventually Fred got used to her and it was love at first sight for him too.


The Crossover is a Cork based multi-disciplinary performance art project that brings different artists together to create immersive, site-specific events. Individual performances become a part of the greater whole as drag artists work with rappers, dancers accompany poets, and visual artists create to the beat of a drum. The interests and talents of each collaborator will influence the direction development takes, with feminism, ecology, politics and pop culture at our core. The group has a shared interest in questioning and subverting the status quo, turning power structures on their heads, captivating live audiences and keeping them on their toes. The Crossover will be the Resident Theatre Group in The Hazel Wood this year and will come to the woods in the spirit of celebrating nature, youth culture and meaningful collaboration.


LATE NIGHT IMMERSIVE THEATRE, featuring sensual immersive environments and intimate character led performance. Join us this year darlings, in the home for the festively insane, your very own, on site mental health care facility.  Deep within the neon halls of the Home for the Festively Insane reside the most unsavoury of characters. Despicable doctors and over prescribed patients exist together in abject harmony.  Only the most despicably delicious and deeply deranged, only the most party pious of punters will be admitted.



“Dreams” is a piece designed to conjure enchanting imagery, conveying the concept that you’re never too old to dream. With many natural materials that blend back in with the environment, artist Emma Quinn wanted to create an illusion whereby guests see something new each time they look up. With many things to discover, such as: dreamcatchers, windchimes and painted rocks, let your senses aid you in awakening your imagination and dreams.

"The Salmon of Knowledge" is a popular Irish mythological tale that comes from the youth of legendary heroin, Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Artist Paul Darcy wants to represent the tradition of storytelling, a core custom of Irish festivity while also presenting a vestibule of potential, wisdom waiting to be unlocked and how we often learn most from that which is unplanned. It inspires the viewer to take life as it comes.


Conradh na Gaeilge invite festival goers to wander in the Hazel Wood After Dark, where Irish language, culture and music will reign, to celebrate Croí na Féile sa Chollchoill. Poets and musicians of bilingual collective REIC will guide wanderers through the woods, bewitching them with beautiful melodies and explosive acts - The Housekeepers, Just Like Us, The Shandrum Céilí Band, Dó Fá Dó to name but a few - closing the festival with Disco Anocht taking to the decks under the cover of darkness in the moonlit woods.


Boundless & Bare aims to strengthen and elevate the spoken word community in Ireland. We honour the creativity that has existed in Ireland for generations and bring attention to the talent that exists today. We are a community that allows people to enhance their craft, connect with other creatives and find new platforms to showcase everything they have to offer.