Portlaoise captain Seale hails influential team mates

*Our county football final coverage is in association with The Baba's Barbershop

Rory Delaney


Rory Delaney


Portlaoise captain Seale hails influential team mates

*Our county football final coverage is in association with The Baba's Barbershop


As a regular on the most consistently successful Portlaoise team in the clubs history, David Seale is not short of career highlights.

He has won his fair share of senior championship medals and represented his county, but if there was another step forward to be taken in his career it was to captain his club to a county title. Having done exactly that and had some time to take it all in, how did the defender rate his days work. “Unbelievable” was the instant reply.

“We were pushed all the way today, Killeshin had us backed up to the wall today and it was just a relief to get over the line.”

Seale was part of back line which conceded just two points from frees all game, as they worked hard to limit the influence of David Aston, who had been clinical from placed balls all year long for Killeshin. 

“We had been watching David Aston in the semi-finals and I think he only hit one wide between those two games so we targeted not to be fouling and to be disciplined in the tackle, just try to get the turnovers fairly and not to concede frees and I think we did that really well for this game.”

The key spell of the game for Portlaoise came from adversity, as Evan Lowry’s brilliant goal at the start of the second half was the catalyst which spurred them into action. “Yeah it was a wonder-goal by Evan Lowry, a cracker of a goal but after that score the lads all turned around and we all made eye contact to give the signal that we need to put our heads down and turn this around.

“We got the next four scores, we started to control the game, make the right decisions and we pushed on from there.”

Seale also paid tribute to some of his team mates for helping to turn the tide, paying special tribute to Kieran Lillis. 

“Gareth Dillon got two or three points for us there in the second half, Brian Glynn and Kieran Lillis, what a man, probably the best player I have played with over the last two or three years, he is Mr Consistent, year in and year out he pushed himself so much and he is probably the biggest leader on this year, as you could tell there today.

“He’s fielding every ball, I don’t know how many scores he got, kicking left and right, he’s just some man and one of the best players to play with at the moment.”