Ballyroan's courageous EB patient Emma Fogarty is asking Laois people to buy a butterfly tattoo

Laois woman Emma Fogarty is asking locals to wear a temporary butterfly tattoo, available at Applegreen stores, and help support research into battling the pain of her rare and painful skin condition, EB (epidermolysis bullosa).

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


Emma Fogarty with Sabrina Langford.

EB sufferer Emma Fogarty from Ballroan who is asking Laois to support Debra Ireland's butterfly tattoo campaign, with Sabrina Langford.

A Laois woman who has recently won a national award for her courage in battling a rare and very painful skin condition is asking people throughout the county to help others with the disease by wearing a special butterfly tattoo this week.

Emma Fogarty (32) from Ballyroan, has a severe form of the 'butterfly skin' disease EB which leaves 80% of her body covered in open wounds.

The incredibly painful condition causes the skin layers and internal body linings to blister and wound at the slightest touch.

Recent winner of the Hidden Heroes Courage Over Adversity Award, Emma is one of only 300 people in Ireland with EB.

"The pain is truly awful, there are so many things I can't do because of EB, the condition effects every aspect of life," said Emma.

October 24-29 is National EB Awareness Week and Debra Ireland, the charity which supports EB patients has partnered with Applegreen to raise vital funds to help people with EB through day to day family support and research to find a treatment for one of EB’s most harrowing side effects – extreme itch.

The Itch Project is being carried out at the Charles Institute of Dermatology at University College Dublin.

As a Patient Ambassador for Debra Ireland Emma campaigns for others with EB.

Now Emma is asking Laois to help those living with this distressing condition by picking up a Debra Ireland EB butterfly temporary tattoo at any Applegreen store and sharing a selfie of their new tattoo on social media.

"With EB every little bit can hurt, but in this case every little butterfly helps, so please show your support, go to any Applegreen, pick up a Debra Butterfly and text BUTTERFLY to 50300 to make a €4 donation,” said Emma.

DEBRA Ireland will receive a minimum of €3.25. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278.