Rents have surged by nearly a third in Laois TD claims

Brian Stanley TD raises spiralling local rents in the Dáil

Express Reporter


Express Reporter


Rents have surged by nearly a third in Laois TD claims

The issue of spiralling rents in Laois was raised this week in the Dáil by Brian Stanley TD.  

Speaking on Sinn Féin's Secure Rents and Tenancies Bill, Sinn Féin TD Brian Stanley outlined the urgent need to deal with 'massive' rent increases and asked what vested interests are holding up rent controls. 

He said the previous Government introduced a measure where rents could only be increased every two years to solve the problem.

"I remember saying that it would not address the problem. Many landlords took advantage and brought in massive rent hikes, which in some cases were as much as 30%. I have seen rents in Laois increase from €550 per month to €800 per month.

"In Monasterevin I saw rents increase from €700 per month to €1,000 per month. A survey shows that the average increase in rents in the past 12 months in Laois was 13.6% and in Kildare it was 13.4%," he said.  
Meanwhile, he claimed there are 300,000 houses are vacant across the State with many empty in his Laois constituency which take in a part of Kildare.

"Research shows that 12.1% of houses are vacant in Laois and 7.8% are vacant in Kildare," he said.

Dep Stanley said banks and vulture funds are repossessing homes and boarding them up and sitting tight waiting for the value of the houses to increase.

"Families are being forced into an already overpriced, overcrowded and congested private rented sector, or worse still, into homelessness.  Government inaction is adding to the problem. I ask the Minister to put effective rent controls in place; link rent increases to the rate of general inflation and bring in measures where tenancies can be transferred with the sale of a house," he said.

He said the Government has failed to regulate rent increases.

"What vested interests are holding this up?"