HSE hospital group disputes high trolley count for Portlaoise hospital

Dublin Midlands Group claims 19 patients are on trolleys and patients advised to go to GPs

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



Trolley problems in Portlaoise.

The HSE's Dublin Midlands Hospital Group has disputed numbers published by nurses that there are 38 patients on trollies in Portlaoise hospital.

The DMHG admitted that the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise is "experiencing high levels of attendances and admissions today (Tuesday, November 20)". As a result it said the HSE’s Escalation Policy has now been activated at the hospital.

"In order to assist us we are requesting that patients in the first instance, consider using their GP or Midoc Service (K-Doc for Naas) for medical assessment, where possible. The situation will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. There are currently 19 patients on trollies at Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise," said a statement.

However the figure of 19 contradicts a figure given by the Irish Nurses and Midwifes Organisation daily trolley count. It found that the Laois hospital has 19 patients on trolleys and 19 on wards.

Asked if the figure of 19 was accurate, the DMHG said the figures were provided by hospital management and included this included patients in the new Medical Assessment Unit & wards.

A senior hospital source told the Leinster Express that the figures were being 'covered up'.