Portarlington group lose a staggering 378.8 inches. in just eight weeks

Joe Jackson is overall winner losing 2 stones 1lb in Ed Gallagher's New Year challenge

By Conor Ganly


By Conor Ganly



Portarlington group loose  a staggering 378.8 inches. in just eight weeks

Port winners participants of Ports Biggest Losers at B-Fit Studios, Portarlington with Gym owner Ed Gallagher at the front.

At the beginning of January 2017, Ed Gallagher owner of B-Fit Studios in Portarlington set a challenge to the people of Portarlington.  

Basically, they were given 8 weeks to change their lifestyle, ‘’eat healthy, exercise and loose inches’’.

There were 32 participants to start with and a total of 22 finished the challenge.  The total loss in inches overall participants was a staggering 378.8 inches.  

The overall winner was Joe Jackson who lost a massive 27.5 inches and 2 stones 1lb in weight.  Aisling Shaw took second place losing an incredible 24.5 inches and Nicky Broughan took 3rd place losing a cracking 23.7 inches and 21lbs in weight.  Well done to all three girls they did amazing.

Others who took part were: Teresa Dempsey 23.4inches lost, Teresa Jenkins 22inches lost, Dolores Walsh 21.5 inches lost, Rose Mckenna 21.4inches lost, Lee Van Staden & Josie Condron 19 inches lost, Jen Jordan Gallagher 18 inches lost, Kristen Dunphy 18.5 inches lost, Margaret Landy 15.5 inches lost, Kelly McDonnell 13inches lost, Veronica Maher 12and1/4 inches lost, Chris Wild & Ann Horan 11 inches lost, Mary Thackaberry 9and1/4inches lost and Fintan Dowling 7 ½ inches lost. A huge congratulations to them all.

Ed is so happy with the success of the Ports Biggest Loser, he is setting another challenge, to keep the biggest losers and customers motivated.  

It is a head to head group challenge…. Each group will have their very own designated gym instructor, who will cover classes and gym instruction over a 10wk period.  The winning group will be the group who have collectively lost the most INCHES NOT LBS.  

For further details of this challenge, call in to B-Fit Studios, Canal Rd, Portarlington or check out Ed Gallagher’s facebook page.