Plans are underway for CCTV cameras in Mountmellick to catch criminals

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


Plans are underway for CCTV  cameras in Mountmellick  to catch criminals

Security cameras could be on the way to Mountmellick's streets, in an initiative to combat crime by the local neighbourhood watch group.

CCTV cameras are planned on all approach roads to the town, as well as in the town centre, if enough money can be raised. The group has got an initial quote of €24,200, and is seeking further quotations from security companies. 

They have sent over 100 letters to local businesses asking for their support, and applied for a grant towards the scheme.

Mountmellick Neighbourhood Watchchairman is Cllr Paddy Bracken.

"We know it is tough times for local businesses, we appreciate that, but the whole idea is to make Mountmellick safe. CCTV is the only way, it's proven to be successful around the country. We appreciate any donation," he said.

If there are any reported crimes, the Gardaí can be given footage from the cameras to aid their investigations, while the signs informing the presence of cameras can act as a deterrant.

Nearby towns like Clonaslee are also planning to install CCTV, giving Gardaí a valuable way of tracking moving criminals.

The group is holding a meeting to explain their plans on Monday April 10 in the MDA, at 8pm. They will also give an update on other crime prevention efforts underway in Mountmellick.

The town's new sergeant Mick O'Connell will speak at the meeting. All residential groups, businesses and local residents are invited to attend and give their views.