Portlaoise Main Street at standstill by truck and Garda van on court day

Courthouse means there is no room for Garda vans, commercial vehicles and cars

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan



Portlaoise was hit by tailbacks and traffic jams once again today because of the town's courthouse.

A parked Garda van and an articulated brought Main Street to a standstill on Thursday April 6.

The traffic jam stretched back to the Market Square at lunchtime as the 40ft arctic truck driver sat in his cab stuck behind a parked Garda van.

He told the Leinster Express that he was following satellite navigation directions to make a delivery to the cinema. He said it was his first visit to Portlaoise.

The jam was eventually solved when a Portlaoise Garda moved the van, but not before he warned the driver about bringing the large vehicle down Main Street.

Portlaoise Courthouse on Main Street has one parking spaces, leaving Garda vehicles no choice but to park on the Main Street during court days. They must share space with prison vans and squad cars.

Watching the scene, one shopowner voiced his frustration.

"The courthouse is having a serious impact on business, there are continuous problems, it's nearly at a crisis situation now. But a sat nav should not be sending trucks down this street," he said.