Rubberbandits style 'horse outside' at Portlaoise Courthouse

"If you're looking for a ride, I've a horse outside"

Express Reporter


Express Reporter

Rubberbandits style 'horse outside' at Portlaoise Courthouse

A couple of weeks ago, Portlaoise Courthouse was the focus of much attention when two teenagers were seen shifting in the back of an RTE News report.

The spotlight has returned to Portlaoise Courthouse again but this time it is because of the mode of transport used to get there and a slight parking issue.

This picture of a man and a child bareback on a horse at the door of Portlaoise Courthouse was sent to the Leinster Express today. 

Local businesses and politicians have called for the building to be moved off the Main Street in the past and a new site has been earmarked for the move.

Sean Fleming TD has recently welcomed progress being made on the new site for the Courthouse to move it out of the town centre.

"The current location of the Courthouse in Main Street, Portlaoise has caused significant disruption to members of the public and traders in this area and there is wide-spread support for the relocation of the Courthouse," he said.

A certain song by The Rubberbandits comes to mind.

"Enda has a Honda so I might just go with him"...