Electric Picnic: "Significant extra safety measures" including reports of armed gardai

Electric Picnic has changed its security plan this year

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

There will be "significant extra safety measures" in place at Electric Picnic music and arts festival in Stradbally this year.

Director of the festival, Melvin Benn, has said that all of Europe has updated its security measures so "of course" Electric Picnic has. 

It is widely reported that armed gardaí will be posted on duty this year. This has yet to be confirmed by An Garda Síochana locally or nationally.

"We have been working really closely with the gardaí holding tabletop exercises and really spending a lot of time with all of the different agencies talking through likely scenarios, potential scenarios.

"Of course we have changed our security plan, the whole of Europe has changed its security plan in every aspect of everything that they do and they are not alone in that," he said.

Melvin praised the gardai for their work.

"I must say I pay significant praise to the gardai, they have been thorough in everything they have been asking us to do and we are working closely with them.

"We are not revealing all the changes [to security] but changes are definitely there.

"I don't think people will will notice [the security changes] particularly. It is about a lot of stuff and the intention really is to allow people to come and still enjoy themselves. It is about what we are doing away from them, separate from them in addition to the normal stuff which I don't think will impact [festival goers] particularly," he said.

Over 55,000 music fans are set to descend on Stradbally over the weekend and there has been unconfirmed reports that armed gardai are one of the additional security measures.

Electric Picnic confirmed for another decade in Laois.

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