Swans savaged by dogs in Emo Court public park in Laois

Ryan Dunne


Ryan Dunne



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A public warning is going out following two separate incidents of swans being attacked by dogs in the lake area of Emo Court, with two swans killed in the shocking incidents which occurred within days of each other.

Margaret Guijt Lalor told the Leinster Express that the dogs attacked and killed one swan last Monday, January 22, and then returned on Friday, January 26, and killed another swan.

She said that one of the dogs is a white labrador-type with short hair and different coloured eyes. It has a collar, so undoubtedly has an owner. The other dog is a black labrador with longer hair and no collar.

Ms Guijt Lalor witnessed the incident on Friday, saying that the dogs just bounded up and attacked the swan. Worryingly, the dogs displayed a brazen attitude and stood their ground when confronted by Ms Guijt Lalor.

She said it was impossible to catch the dogs and expressed her fear not just for the local wildlife, but for visitors to the grounds, especially those with children.

Ms Guijt Lalor pointed out that many dog owners walk their animals in the grounds of Emo Court and the majority have the dogs on a leash, so this latest atrocity has nothing to do with regular dog walkers to the area. She said that the dogs must be living locally and it is possible that their owner does not even know about what is happening.

The dogs are killing for sport and are not eating the swans, she said. As it is coming into the breeding season for swans, she said it is important that wildlife is not disrupted at this time of year.

If anyone has any information concerning the origin of the dogs they should contact the animals’ owner immediately, or contact Emo Court staff on 57 862 6573.