'Grab those thermals' on St Patrick's Day warn weather forecasters ahead of 'huge' temperature plunge

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



Grab those thermals on St Patrick's Day warn weather forecaster ahead of 'huge' drop in temperatures

Weather forecasters have advised people to 'grab those thermals' as a wind chill and plummeting temperatures look set to make St Patrick's Day feel like more like a Scandanavian winter than an early Spring day in Ireland.

Met Éireann's weather forecasting partner in the UK has warned about a 'huge' plunge in St Patrick's Day weekend temperatures over Ireland and Britain.

The Met Office has already issued snow and ice warnings for large parts of Britain and its forecasts show the weather pushing west right across Ireland and into the Atlantic.

For those out and about on Saturday Met Éireann has also warned people to wrap up. Below are the projected afternoon air temperatures (red) and wind chill temperatures (blue) for St Patrick's Day.

Met Éireann has already issued an advance warning for snow and ice for Leinster, Cavan, Monaghan and Waterford the forecast from Britain is stark.

The Met Office has tweeted that as very cold air floods across the UK this weekend, "we'll see a huge drop in temperatures and a significant wind chill. Grab those winter thermals".