Laois people! Check here to see what's within 5km from your home during Covid-19 ockdown

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett

Covid-19 Covid-19 Covid-19

Here's an example

Check the link below to see what's within 5km from your home during the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. 

People are still advised to stay at home except in limited circumstances. Those circumstances are to get essential supplies such as food and medicine and to do some exercise.

From Tuesday, May 5 you must stay within 5km for exercise that is up from 2km.

The map will show you what a 5km radius from your location looks like.

You can drag the pin to get your exact location for a precise measurement from your door.

If the map doesn't show; enable location services on your phone and for your browser, allow the site permission to access your location.

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