New brand logo for Volkswagen R

New logo: underscores the realignment of Volkswagen

New brand logo for Volkswagen R

The performance brand Volkswagen R represents the sportiest models in the Volkswagen portfolio.

Since 2002, the R models have been at home on race tracks throughout the world and, in addition to high-performance engines, have offered their owners the combination of everyday usability and stylish understatement.

Along with the Golf R in four generations, the portfolio includes the Passat R36, the Touareg R50, the Scirocco R and the Golf R Convertible.

Aside from the Golf R1 and the Golf R Variant2, the new T-Roc R3 is also currently available.

Volkswagen R is introducing its realignment with the presentation of the new R logo.

Jost Capito, Managing Director, Volkswagen R, says: “Volkswagen R is all about excitement and thrill, and in the future, we will continue to focus our efforts on integrating these emotions into the Volkswagen brand.

“We are taking a strategic and operative approach to working on great products and creating a unique customer experience.”

The new R logo symbolizes the performance brand’s fresh start. It is more modern, distinct and sleek: Reduced to its essential components, it can be used for various purposes, remaining particularly suitable for digital media.

The new logo was developed at the Volkswagen Design Center. The team surrounding Klaus Bischoff developed the new R logo together with Technical Development and the Volkswagen R Marketing team.

The new company logo is characterized by the pristine line width and a clearly horizontal arrangement featuring dynamic curves.

Moreover, the prominent diagonal line serves as a stark contrast, thus underscoring the brand’s overall progressiveness.

The elongated R creates a broader, more powerful impression and defines Volkswagen’s commitment to performance and exclusivity.

Klaus Bischoff, Head of Volkswagen Design, explains,

“The R marks the athletic apex of our model program and the R logo serves as an expression of both aesthetics and sportsmanship.

“At the same time, it is gaining in terms of both clarity and charisma, as is the new Volkswagen brand logo.”