Eight generation of Porsche 911

Hugh Maguire: reviews the latest generation of the 'most iconic sports car in the world'

Hugh Maguire


Hugh Maguire



Eight generation of the iconic Porsche 911 has arrived

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Worldwide Porsche car sales are doing very well, though here in Ireland the numbers are relatively small they are also growing particularly with models such as the Cayenne and Macan Sports SUV’s.

The focus of this review is the iconic 911 Carrera S Type 992 launched just last year in Ireland.

has it any street cred?

The shape of the iconic 911 has evolved over 56 years of production. Some say not enough, that a 911 still looks too much like the original. But the latest 911 is without doubt another success of the evolutionary styling.

It’s a 911 of that there is no doubt but its longer wheelbase and wider track, larger 20" and 21” wheels give this supercar an even more purposeful and dynamic stance than before.

What’s it like inside?

The new cabin beautifully crafted, with bullet proof build quality as you would expect from Porsche.

The new dash is now digital except for the centrally mounted analogue rev counter. More of the cars controls are now operated through an all-new 10’ touchscreen save for a few beautifully crafted aluminium switches for key functions.

I don’t like everything about the new digital dash, especially the fact that the outer instruments for fuel and external temperature are now obscured by the sports steering wheel.

That tiny new little gear shift selector has also come in for a lot of criticism. Paddle shifts on the steering wheel allowing manual shifting.

From the moment you sit into the leather clad figure hugging sports seats you know you are sitting in a very special sports car. Blending over 55 years of Porsche sports car tradition with modern technology.

The driver sits low down into the car, you feel part of it. The level of standard equipment is very good but as always with Porsche their is an extensive and very tempting options list that will soon push the asking price to wallet busting limits!

You can “build your own Porsche” to exactly to your specifications on their configurator. The fit and finish is absolutely top class from the visible stitching on the crafted full leather upholstery to the smallest switch, it all feels as though a real craftsman put it together. It so typically Porsche.

Whats under the bonnet?

Nothing thats where your luggage goes! The rear engined 911 Carrera S is powered by a 3.0 litre 450 BHP flat six cylinder petrol engine with four camshafts, 24 valves and Variocam plus. Mated to an amazing 8-speed PDK double clutch semi automatic system the combination offers blistering performance.

With PDK the new 911 will hit 100km/h from a standstill in just 3.8 seconds and continue to a top speed of 308 km/h.

Yet driven with restraint (which is difficult) it returned on average 31mpg. But this car is all about performance and suffice to say the 911 Carrera is incredibly quick.

We are in supercar territory here. Floor the throttle (or use the launch control system) and the 911 accelerates unabated towards the horizon.

It just never seems to run out of power. Its incredible.

Will I enjoy driving it?

The balance and handling from the rear engine rear wheel drive 911 is a purists dream. Levels of grip are simply phenomenal and its safe to say that on a public road you will never be able to explore the full capabilities of this car. Its always better than you can deliver as a driver.

A true motoring legend and a masterpiece of automotive engineering. Its quiet and refined too apart from some tyre roar on coarse surfaces, while the sound of that legendary flat-six is intoxicating. However with this latest 911 992 you need to dig deeper to unearth that sports car character and that's a pity. It has become a bit more of a GT than sports car.


Prices for the new 911 Carrera start at a shade over €149,000. The 911 Carrera S starts €167,680 and both rise rapidly as you add in goodies from the tempting options list.

However if you can afford it and want to have the most iconic sports car in the world parked on your driveway then there is only one choice, a Porsche 911.