River Barrow hitting flood levels in Portarlington and near Mountmellick

Official figures show heavy rain has pushed up levels sharply

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly




Flooding around train line in Portarlington in 2020. Picture: Michael Scully

Heavy rain has pushed the River Barrow around Portarlington and Mountmellick sharply in past few days to flood levels, according to the official real-time data.

The Office of Public works monitors and publishes river levels around Ireland in real-time on WaterLevel.ie

It shows that levels on the River Barrow at almost all recording stations were very near median flood levels for the weekend of January 30-31. River levels rose 

While they have fallen since at many recording points, the levels at the stations near the two big towns have remained at a high level since.

The Barrow exceeded two metres in dept at the Borness station downstream of Mountmellick on Saturday afternoon January 30. The median flood point at the station is nearly 2.26 metres. The highest level of 2.7 metres level was recorded in November 2017 when the town flooded. 

The Borness station remained above 2 metres on Tuesday morning, February 2. A number of tributaries of the Barrow flow through Mountmellick.

Parts of Portarlington have already flooded in this latest spell of bad weather. The Barrow also exceeded and has remained above two metres mark since the weekend at the town centre station since the weekend. The level peaked at Port station at 2.29 metres on Sunday evening, January 30. The level was just over 1.4 metres in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The level on Tuesday morning February 2 was 2.2 metres and rising. The median flood level in the Laois Offaly town h ad risen again to 2.4 metres on February 2.

The highest recorded level was recorded 21 years ago on February 2, 1990, when the River Barrow hit 3.2 metres in Portarlington.

Both towns are in line for flood defence projects.

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