Dumping and anti-social behaviour at problem field in Portlaoise

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Dumping and anti-social behaviour at problem field in Portlaoise

Illegal dumping and other problems in a field between Portlaoise estates could be stamped out by building new houses nearby, according to a senior council official.

Acting Director of Services at Laois County Council, Mr Michael Rainey, has said that ‘significant money’ has gone into the field between Mountain View, Ballyfin Road and Hillview in Portlaoise to make it a recreation area.

Mr Rainey believes new houses overlooking the green area would be the long term solution to illegal dumping there.

"We put in a walking track, we grassed it, there was a football field levelled area, there were more cleanups and litter picks done of that area not just by the council but by the community themselves.

“Unfortunately there are people who continue to do anti-social behaviour in that field and it means that the field is not somewhere that people can enjoy like it was originally envisaged.

“The problem is the field is not overlooked by housing,” he said.

Mr Rainey said 50 new houses will be built at Hepburn Court, Ballyfin Road overlooking the field.

Cllr Pauline Madigan asked the council to clean the field.

“You couldn’t proactively go down and do it ourselves because you don't know what type of rubbish is down there so it really is very worrying and serious,” she said.

Cllr Caroline Dwane Stanley said the field has been a problem area.

“That field has been cleaned up more times, we put money in for drainage, we made a park, we put lights in it the lights were broken we put CCTV cameras in it. We have done everything that we possibly could,” she said.

Laois County Council said it has applied for €21,000 under the antidumping initiative 2019 to target illegal dumping including door to door calls by 'Man with a Van' illegal operators and cleanups.

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