Meet Emma - Laois Macra's Best New Member

"Joining Macra was definitely the best thing I ever did."

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Leinster Express Reporter


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Emma Weston is a member of Portlaoise Macra

Laois Macra congratulates Emma Weston, Portlaoise Macra on getting through to the national final of Best new member

The Best new member is a competition in Macra na Feirme is presented to an individual, male or female who has recently joined a club within the organisation and has been deemed to have made a significant contribution to their club.

1) What club are you a member of and how long have you been a member?

I’m a part of Portlaoise Macra and I have joined last October.

2)What made you join Macra?

I wanted to get out and meet new people and get more involved in my community, I figured Macra would be the perfect way to do that!!

3)What was your favourite competition in Macra?

My Favourite competition in Macra so far was the bowling- it was so much fun and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

4)What was your favourite event in Macra?

My favouite event in Macra so far was Queen of the Land- it was my first proper event with macra when I joined last year and I have some brilliant memories of the night!

5)What has been your best experience whilst in Macra?

My best experience with Macra so far has been getting the chance to make a difference in my community.

Whether it was fundraising for different charities or days out with the group.

Macra just goes to show how the smallest things can impact everybody’s life and give you a group to turn to.

You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll do, but you know that with Macra, it’s always going to be good fun with even better people around you!

6)Are you involved in any roles/ sub roles?

I’m on the competitions team for Portlaoise Macra and I’m on the Sports and Social Team for Laois Macra this year.

I was also a covid compliance officer for Portlaoise for our bowling event.

7) If someone wanted to join Macra na Feirme, how would you promote it in your own words?

Joining Macra was definitely the best thing I ever did.

It gives you the opportunity to meet countless new people, push you to do your best and have a laugh while you’re doing it. It’s really brought me out of my shell.

During the full lockdown, our online Macra events gave me something to look forward to and getting to see people again, all be it over a zoom call.

Macra is something that is so important and so enjoyable, the work doesn’t even feel like work.

I've met amazing people in Macra, people I will know forever, and I’m looking forward to getting going to meetings again when we’re able to!