The March of the King of Laois - arguably the most famous piece of Laois traditional music

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

As its St Patrick's Day why not listen to a famous piece of Irish traditional music by The Chieftains by one of the most famous Irish warriors who hailed from Laois.

The March of the King of Laois, Rory O'Moore, has more than 138,000 listens on Youtube.

The Chieftains made the tune famous. They recorded it in 1971. Chieftains' member Paddy Moloney hailed from Dublin but is proud of his Laois roots in the Mountrath area.

"My grandfather was a flute player and [played] on the melodeon in the house. The Slieve Bloom mountains in Co Laois is where we used to go every summer to play house dances. I had the greatest time," he told the Irish Independent in 2012.

"Every evening there was storytelling and playing cards and then the music. My sisters would be there and the local lads. There'd be set dancing, and dust flying all over the place. It was only a wee cottage but to me it was a palace. They were great, great times".

The March of the King of Laois is described as "a very beautiful march in honour of an Irish hero from the 16th century (a resistant to the British colonization)".